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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 9, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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mandatory evacuations have been ordered. good evening and thank you for joining us. the hand tomandatory was issued. some of the same residents were forced out of their homes days earlier by the rocky fire. this is video from the front lines. the first reported around 3:45 this afternoon, only 100 acres. this hour, cal fire reports i s
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it's,000 acit's 3,000 acres. an evacuation center is opened at middle town high school. the cause is under investigation. this is burning near the rocky fire but is not related. firefighters and air tankers battling that fire are reassigned to the new fire. officials are concerned two fires could merge. our abc 7 knew k brks krrkb photos. smoke visible as far as antioch and oakland. if you want to share photos, do it safely. you can use the #abc 7 now. better news for the rocky fire that burned 70,000 acres since it started july 29th and 80% contained that fire destroyed 43 homes and 53 out buildings. all evacuations were lifted on saturday. cal fire expects to have full containment by thursday. meteorologist drew tuma has a
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look. >> we want to give you perspective. the rocky fire that has been burning all of last week, you can see the perimeter in red but just to the south of the rocky fire, this is the new jerusalem fire. this green you see, that's actually smoke from the fire at this hour. so current conditions near the jerusalem fire, air temperature 79. the relative humidity is low around 26% but the big factor in the winds out of the northwest and gusting to 15 miles per hour at this time. unfortunately, the forecast for the winds is not so good. stay rather active and rather busy the next 24 hours, even early in the morning, winds gusting to 22 miles per hour and tomorrow afternoon, firefighters will be gusting with winds fighting the fire between 13 and 19 miles per hour. coming up, we'll talk about a cooler day on the way in the seven-day forecast when i see you in a few minutes, matt. >> thank you, drew.
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sergio said this is what the jerusalem fire looks like from napa valley. he'll have a live report at 11:00. breaking news alerts if you follow us on twitter. the firefighter that died battling a fire in the tahoe area has been identified. he died from injury was a tree fell on him. governor brown said this tragedy reminds us of the dangers firefighters face every time they suit up. the accident happened between lake tahoe and the eloquent da r -- el darado forest. there are 18 wildfires across the state. a tribute to a fallen hero today. the oakland a's honored police lunger, a huge fan. here is a picture of him with his two daughters, a jersey honoring him hung in the dugout and the badge number was 106.
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cornell bernard spoke with his family. >> reporter: it was the biggest on n honor a father could have, throwing out the first pitch to ricky henderson. >> it was a wonderful experience. i was nervous and i'm sure my son scott is jealous of me being up on that mound. that's where he always wanted to be. i felt scott was in between us when i was hugging him. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: fallen hayward police sergeant lunger was honored. an on field police motorcade, a tribute to the a man who was a lifetime a's mega fan. before the game, team members presented his family with jerseys bearing the lunger name. >> the a's got us here where we want to be and make us feel
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really good and scott is with us now. >> reporter: sergeant lunger's daughters ashton and sarah were there. he was shot and killed july 22nd in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop. a suspect was arrested. lunger's girlfriend police dispatcher jennifer lee was proud to see scott honored by so many. >> it was amazing. so many people, friends, family from all over the bay area come to support us and it's just honorable to see everybody out there. >> just want to thank everybody that supported us and just made us feel like we're part of a larger community. >> reporter: a son, father, hero and baseball fan who will never be forgotten. ♪ ♪ >> in oakland, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the guadalupe river through downtown san jose has gone through. our news partners took this photo showing a cracked river
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bed and no water in sight. two years ago a colony of beavers was discovered for the first time in 150 years. many fish and other wildlife are dying off. because of the drought less water is being released from reservoi reservoirs. one officer was injured trying to arrest a fence jumper. many people tried to jump the fences to get into the festival. this is what it looked like yesterday when a large group tried to scale the fences. abc news was inside the park. music festival has drawn fans from across the country. 210,000 tickets were sold. a cale chance closed a path shut down at 9:00 p.m. the path is scheduled to reopen at 6:00 a.m. on tuesday. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, remember frank gifford.
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>> we've been waiting for this day for a long time. we're ready to go. >> a legend in the booth and the field. look back at the hall of famer's career and how a san
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tonight, we're remembering frank gifford. he earned nearly every honor there was and became a fixture in the living rooms on monday night football. chris connolly takes a look back. >> reporter: from the 1950s on ward, frank gifford was ka ris mat tick on the field and off. >> frank gifford. >> reporter: gifford achieved his greatest moments with abc's monday night football where he was on the broadcast team for 26 years. his chemistry with booth mates made monday night football a pop
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culture phenomenon. it was football that made gifford star beginning in college with an all american and 12 seasons with the giants where his good looks and cool under pressure made him an icon of the era. >> i was out of the ordinary because i was from california and my nose wasn't broken. i had all my teeth. i paid a big price for it on the football field. i did within the giants in the early days until i prove that i can hit back, as well as i could be hit. >> frank gifford. >> with the giants, gifford won a championship in 1956 and retire from football in 1964 and become a broadcaster. through it with a star quality as another former giant michael strahan remembers. >> if you're a football fan or giants fan and remember him for all the great things he did on the field and remember him from things you may have seen him do on tv, then that's great, too. i just hope people remember that
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we lost a very, very good man and a good person. >> i called her after that. >> reporter: while doi ing gues hosting for "good morning america" he would meet kathy. she survives him with five children and five grandchildren. he died at his home at the age of 84 longed to be remembered as an icon of broadcasting and hero on the field. >> his wife kathy lee gifford tweeted this, deeply grateful to outpouring of grace. we're steadfast in our faith and finding comfort in knowing where frank is, fa l. fresh cuts, local barbers give back just before kids go to
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. strike three. pitch was on the outside part of the plate. he had the swing and took a shot and missed. the game is over. >> a san jose little league baseball team may be down but not out. the bay area team from san jose lost to arizona today in the first west regional tournament game. since it's double elimination, they have a chance at the world series if they don't lose another game. the next game is tuesday morning.
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dozens of kids will start school with a fresh new look. abc 7 news was in downtown san jose as the folks gave free haircuts to children. the store usually closes on sundays but the owner opened up to give back to the community. children received backpacks and school supplies to the kids and parents, it means a lot. >> for you to have your son or daughter or anyone to have a nice haircut for the first day of school or right when they go back to school, it's a blessing. >> we found out about the story from an abc 7 news viewer. to send your story ideas, e-mail us at kgo/ a lot of kids heading back to school this week. >> got to the look fresh. >> and have the shorts to wear. you go to buy back to school cloths and get sweaters and jackets, you think about that. really you need to keep the summer clothes. >> you do. the next couple days will be below but the heat will return
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in just a few days. we'll talk about the roller coaster ride with temperatures in a second. live doppler showing you we are seeing clouds increase ahead of a cold front approaching. we'll take you out side from the camera showing you there it is. that marine layer is thickening and pushing in the fog and the low clouds. will greet many of us on monday morning. temperature-wise a mixed bag of 60s and 70s. 60s in san francisco and 71 in fairfield and 65 in fremont and 67 san jose and napa with a temperature of 66. for the most part that busy breeze we had today, it's relaxing a bit. we saw the gust of 28, 25 in concord but generally around the bay less than 15 miles per hour. take a look at the jerusalem fire. the wind will be active the next 24 hours. early morning hours, late in the morning we may get a break but as the cold front approaches tomorrow afternoon, it's going
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to pick that wind up out of the northwest with frequent gusts to 20 miles per hour. clouds moving in from the south and we're watching the cold front. the thin line of cloud cover pushing on shore that could be the cold front and unfortunately lingers over us and that will bring us below normal temperatures for much of the seven-day forecast. future weather shows you early tomorrow morning coastal clouds and low fog around the bay pulls back to the coast and most spots will see sunshine tomorrow afternoon. a nice afternoon on the way for monday. overnight lows tonight, mid 50s, lots of low 60s around the bay. 61 concord. drop to 60 in san francisco. highs tomorrow for your monday, 85 in fairfield, 68 going downtown san francisco, 70 in oakland and 77 san jose and 81 santa rosa and 83 the high in livermore. to the pacific, tracking hurricane hilda. moving to the northwest at eight miles per hour there is some
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concern it may get close to hawaii late next week between thursday and friday and could bring soaking showers to the island chain. we'll keep our eye on this but it's something we'll be tracking the next couple days. here is the seven-day paracafor. tomorrow the cooler air arrives and theme continues for tuesday. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine ditto wednesday into thursday. on friday, finally the cold front will start to get out of here so a day of transition, sunny, warmer temperatures rebound and then saturday and sunday, it is a warm weekend. the august heat returns. we're talking mid 70s along the coast. mid 80s along the bay and upper 90s making a come back. >> i don't mind 84 and you say ditto for the next day. >> a lot of people injoy that. >> all right. well, thanks a lot. >> temperature or ditto? >> both. >> great word. >> yeah. well, we're hoping for a ditto for the a's and their next game today. >> quite a game out there today. it was law enforcement day and the a's honor fallen hayward
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police officer scott lunger. his daughters ashton and sarah threw out the first pitch to ricky henderson, scott's favorite player. pitched the game of his life. three hits, one run, ten ks. the a's run away but edward gives up a three-run bomb. 4-3 astros. bottom nine, down to the final out. josh reddick shot down. everyone is safe. scores, 4-4 game. the newcomer, danny valencia. had an rbi in every game this series. delivers the second of the game and a walk off winner. also had a home run. what a way to honor sergeant lunger. first taste of oakland victory pie right there and of course, washes that down with gatorade. a's win 5-4 taking three out of four from the first place astros. >> it's been nice. we've been winning, and it always feels better when you win. everybody gets loose and you
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have more fun and it's been a good time. the team has been great to me and i've been fortunate enough to come through hits and won games. it's been fun so far. >> we'll battle. the season isn't over and we'll try to win games and play for ourselves and that's what can happen. >> the cubs, drop to 2-5 this year and allowed two runs on four hits and struck out six and gave up the single. jake with lights out because scary moment in the third. he beams him in the heat. luckily it hit the helmet. left the game and said to be okay but he will be evaluated of course for a concussion. giants down 2-0 in the ninth. hector loves the bases with no outs and bounces back. struck out sanchez to end the game with a full count. 2-0 the final. giants swept by the cubs first time since 1977 losing four straight at wrigley. giants three and a half out of the wild card and three back from the dodgers in the west.
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are you ready for football? finally time to play. the nfl preseason kicked off between the steelers and vikings. brown, charles hailey and other hall of fame inductees and time to play ball. took awhile to get the first td of the year. vikings' qb finds a wide open pruett. came with four minutes left in the third and runs it in from one yard out and vikings win the hall of fame game. oakland raiders open at home friday against the rams. jack del rio said week one is to show the players showcase their own talent. >> we'll basically just pair down things that we've installed and try and really evaluate the player's ability to play fast in basic concepts we want to be able to utilize. we're not trying to out smart
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the opponent in this game but get a real thorough evaluation of the people we have and what they are capable of and really look into kind of settling some of the battles at different positions. what a day for shane lowry. shot of the day. tenth hole. way left on the tee shot. 100 yards to the pen. he gets it to 99 and taps in for birdie. one-shot lead over bubba watson. left on 18. danger of dropping a shot. threads the needle between the tree setting up this opportunity and got it. the 11th first-time winner on toward this year. next up, the pga championship which begins on thursday. of course, i always get excited at the beginning of the preseason, real deal around the corner and takes me back to the rookie year trying to make a team myself and nothing like it for the young players trying to fulfill their dream. >> what happened to you? >> i got cut by the miami dolphins and 49ers picked me up and finished with the cardinals.
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>> good oprtunity. >> and a super bowl ring. >> i just wanted everybody to know that you got there one point. >> everything, so. >> there you go. >> thanks. next, who are you going to call? well, she's not calling me later. latesth,z/
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we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at ♪ >> coming up tonight at 11:00, breaking news coverage of the jerusalem fire. we have a crew to bring you the latest on the rapidly growing fire. new details coming to light about a deadly shooting in texas. the surveillance video just released tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. a fantastic four didn't show any super powers at the weekend box office. franchise flop with an estimated
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$26 million debut. that's one of the lowest debuts ever for a modern super hero movie released by a major studio. "mission impossible rogue nation" earning $29 million and "fantastic four," "vacation" and at "ant man". not clear on whether murray will reprice his role from the original 1984 film or play a new character. murray's co-star will also make a cameo in the new movie. all right. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. the next newscast is at 11:00 on abc 7. hope you have great night, everyone. if you would like to follow the latest information on the jerusalem fire, go to our twitter and facebook page and our website,
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narrator: warning: please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause serious injury. [dog barks] [cat meows] meouch. >> uh! >> ooh! >> uh! narrator: "what went down." today on "what went down"... speed... strength... agility... >> oh!


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